BioEnergetic Therapies

The body holds stress for a number of different reasons. Often this state of tension is a result of past experiences and traumas. BioEnergetic therapies combine body work and mind work to help individuals reduce pain while identifying and resolving inner conflicts, unleashing more fulfillment and pleasure in life.

At BioEnergetics, we offer a wide range of bioenergetic therapies to detoxify and rejuvenate the mind and body. These treatments help release energetic and emotional blockages that lead to dysfunction.

Structural Energetic Therapy

Structural Energetic Therapy® (SET) is a full-body rehabilitation approach that uses Cranial/Structural and deep tissue myofascial unwinding protocols to address imbalances in the body.

PEMF Therapy

PEMF, or Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Frequency, stimulates the body’s natural healing processes. PEMF therapy has been likened to charging your body’s cells. It is highly effective and has even been used by NASA to help manage muscle atrophy and bone loss in astronauts.  PEMF therapy can improve circulation and lymphatic detoxification, reduce inflammation, improve sleep quality, assimilation of nutrients, cellular regeneration and increase cellular energy.

Negative Ion Therapy

In addition to PEMF therapy, we also offer negative ion therapy, which boosts the mood and raises energy levels. How does this work? Positive ions are found in many artificial sources, such as cell phones, computers, and fluorescent lights. They are thought to be “energy drainers”, which can result in irritability, tension, and slow reaction time. Negative ions, found in natural things like trees and waterfalls, create a “feel-good effect”. Negative ion therapy is an excellent solution for the modern worker who spends much of his or her day in an office in front of a computer screen.

Light and Sound Therapies

Light and sound can be used to produce favorable responses from the brain, helping you embark on a new journey to wellness. This approach is commonly used to treat traumas and depression disorders. Research suggests that light and sound therapy helps eliminate toxic plaque buildup in the brain and reduce symptoms of cognitive disorders, including Alzheimer’s.

Lymphatic Detoxification and Oxygen Therapies

Over time, toxins and oxidative stress build up in the body, leading to a number of health problems and dysfunctions. At BioEnergetics, we offer a range of detoxification therapies to restore health and wellness, including the Hemo-Sonic Lymph and Tissue Light, Nano-Vi, and LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast Oxygen Therapy.

Brain Health

The brain controls all of your cognitive and physical functions, so it’s important to maintain it. At our BioRegulatory practice, we offer a variety of bioenergetic therapies to keep your brain in optimal condition, including ClearMind Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback, MyndLift home neurofeedback, and Zyto EVOX Perception Framing. Our detox and our oxygen therapies also support healthy brain function.

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