Functional Assessments

At BioEnergetics, we offer a number of functional assessments to determine your state of overall health and wellbeing. These evaluations can let us know which body systems need improvement so we can design a customized, streamlined approach to your treatment.


Whole body regulation thermometry detects circulation patterns on various points of the skin. This assessment helps determine areas of dysfunction that can ultimately lead to disease. Thermometry can help clinicians assess a number of conditions, including thyroid, cerebrovascular, and musculoskeletal disorders. It is also routinely used to detect abnormalities of the female breast as well as a range of inflammatory conditions.

Heart Rate Variability

Heart rate variability (HRV) measures the variation in the time intervals between heartbeats. The sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems can tell us how well your body reacts to stress. The higher the HRV, the healthier the response. Research indicates that low HRV can be directly linked to anxiety and depression. Our team can help you increase your HRV with lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercise.

Bio-Impedance Analysis

Insight to tissue health and toxicity levels can be provided with Bio-Impedance Analysis (BIA). This functional assessment measures body composition, fluid content, and water distribution on a cellular level. An imbalance of body fat and lean body mass can lead to dysfunction. BIA can help detect these issues before they lead to more serious problems.

Zyto Elite

Zyto Elite evaluates organs and body function by measuring vibrational frequencies and biocommunication. This functional assessment helps us tailor your treatment plan to your unique health needs, saving you time and money in the long run.


Zyto EVOX measures vibrational frequencies in your voice to pinpoint static unconscious patterns. These patterns could be thoughts, beliefs, feelings, or perceptions that have a negative impact on your emotional health and personal relationships. Identifying these negative patterns can give you the self-awareness necessary to reframe your thoughts in a more positive way.

AO Digital Body Analyzer

This functional assessment and energetic balancing device helps us visualize the health status of your organs, systems, and tissues. The human body has over 120,000 different frequencies – and these frequencies are the same in every individual. Research suggests that the health of your organs, tissues, and cell structures can be determined by passing microcurrent frequencies through the body and measuring their resistance. This is instrumental in designing personalized treatment plans for our patients.


Toxic metals, oxidative stress, and mineral excess or deficiency can have a significant negative impact on your overall health and wellbeing. The OglioScan uses a spectrometer to measure the levels of minerals, trace elements, toxic metals, and oxidative stress in the system so we can optimize your treatment approach.

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Functional assessments are an essential aspect of bioregulatory healthcare. Detecting abnormalities in the body helps us identify problem areas and treat them proactively.

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