OglioScan is an advanced spectrophotometry assessment that detects the presence of minerals, trace elements, oxidative stress, and toxic heavy metals in the body. Our doctors at BioEnergetics use this assessment to determine areas of weakness or dysfunction so we can address your unique holistic healthcare needs.

What is spectrophotometry?

Spectrophotometry is used to measure the absorption of a chemical. A common quantitative analytical method, spectrophotometry is used in a variety of industries, including biology, food, pharmaceuticals, chemical, industrial, and more. In medicine, this assessment is used to evaluate tissue or blood.

OglioScan vs Other Analyses

Conventional assessments – such as blood, urine, and hair analysis – measures levels of minerals, toxins, and metals that are circulating in the body. Conversely, OglioScan measures the level of minerals, toxins, and metals inside your cells. This allows us to immediately determine the levels of various elements that are present. As your treatment progresses, we can take additional scans in a few months to ensure that the recommended protocol is effective.

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