As holistic, bioregulatory practitioners, we understand that the mind can have a tremendous impact on the body – for better or for worse. Oftentimes, negative thoughts, feelings, or perceptions are festering just below the conscious level. These static patterns can ultimately wreak havoc on our emotional, physical, and mental health, and can hold us back from achieving our desires.

It’s not always easy to identify negative thought patterns on our own. Zyto EVOX assesses the vibrational frequencies in your voice to detect these inconsistencies. Becoming aware of negative patterns can help us reframe our thoughts to constructive or positive ones so we can enjoy a more fulfilling life.

What can Zyto EVOX address?

Our patients enjoy a number of benefits from using the Zyto EVOX. This system can help improve many different aspects of life, including:

  • Addictions
  • Relationships
  • Grief
  • Fear
  • Divorce
  • Job stress
  • Trauma
  • Health challenges
  • Repetitive thought patterns

Zyto EVOX can even help when individuals are struggling to meet a goal, for example, with weight loss or for athletes wanting to perfect their game. For example, a baseball player may always swing the bat the same way, eventually reaching a performance plateau. At the conscious level, the athlete may learn superior techniques. However, at a subconscious level, the player is still bound by his original perceptions. Therefore, his game remains static. Zyto EVOX can help uncover those static thought patterns so they can be addressed.

How does Zyto EVOX work?

The EVOX software uses voice technology to create visual maps of an individual’s perception. Like Zyto Elite, you will simply place your hand in an ergonomic cradle. Additionally, you will be given a microphone. As you talk about various topics – including work, relationships, stressors, etc. – EVOX records the energy of your voice, then plots the data onto a graph, providing a visual image of your perceptions. Next, balancing frequencies are generated to assist the subconscious mind in clearing unwanted thought patterns and clear the path for positivity.

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